Hi From Yenzz

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hi, I am Yenzz. I have blogging for a year but I enjoy blogging only this last 4 months. That's all because I have an interesting blogging friends that support me indirectly to keep blogging.

Thanks for all blogging friends that visit me everyday, Lord Story and Mark

Also thanks for all friends that passing me all the amazing award and tags : MarlyMs, Mariuca, Madz, Carol, Chubz, Deborah Katy, and Pchi

Thank you all for being my friends...

* Yenzz on pink hat :)


chubz said...

hi yenzz....thanks for being my blog friend, too... ;)
have a nice day!!!

Mark said...

Hi Yenz thanks for putting my mark in your post again.. I’m glad to have friend like you cause you’re so friendly., keep in touch :)

MarlyMS said...

helo yenzz..you are highly appreciated. tnx so much for d remarks and being my blog friend.

Insights from the Grocery Cart said...

hi yenzz.

thanks for making my blog life fun, too! your visits are always appreciated.


pchi said...

hi yenzz

thanks... it's always nice tovisit your blog

because it exudes warmth and positive energy

keep blogging... and you are deeply appreciated

MarlyMS said...

congratz u got pr2! happy for u friend.



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