The Social Network - Inspiring Movie

Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Social Network - A film that tell about the history of the inventor of Facebook inspiring me to blogging tonight. I just wondering if I can make money by blogging. I ever earn USD 10.00 only from payperpost. And guess what, I shop on facebook, bought a furniture for a game called Pet Society. And I felt sorry for that. Really.

Then, I tried to post on a Mark's discussion board on his Facebook ( by the way, Will he sue me if I only write Mark wthout his family name? ). And I found a lot of fans talk about this movie and others discussion. And I do making friends with them. See, Facebook really help us to connect.

Making friends are great. Althought we never meet but we can share and I admit that Facebook provide the complete service to easier connect. We can chat on facebook like windows live messenger. That's what I like. The first social networking that provide chat room. Maybe.