Start From The Beginning

Saturday, June 12, 2010

The first word I shout when I check my blog tonight is..." OH my God! I lost my Star Rank! Absolutely Zero!!!!!!!!
That's meant I should start from the beginning. I should start getting rank, my blog friends, and many things.
I've been lost my blogging time for almost a year. I have no time but work.

This time I got a new idea. Fyi, I am from Indonesia. I will try to post one or two post in Indonesian but sometimes because I know most blogger or reader more understand English but I would like to share about my mother language so others will learn a new things too. Indonesian.
I don't think that many people will give a great interest for my language. We all know Indonesian is not an international language but at least I am proud to be Indonesian and I would like to shared. That's the first point

The second is... sometimes I feel that I lose a word in English. I feel a bit difficult to express my feeling. I think it's easier to say it in my mother language but I've tried to create this blog in English and so far I have connected with many bloggers. So, Should I proud of myself? ^^