My First Blog Award

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I got these sweet blogger award from Chubz & MarlyMs.

Thank you very much it is really sweet.

Sweet Bloggers:
1.) Janeth Vicy’s Life Journey

7.)Supermodel Wannabe
8.) My Life in this Wonderful World!
9.) My Online World!
10.) In Depth
11.) ISL Family
12.) Charmdestiny
13.) Mommyallehs
14) Posh Post Reviews!!!

15.) Chubz

16.) Yenzz

17.) Your Blog

Now I would like to share these sweet award to Lord Story, Sese, Eunice, Liza, Sue and Kate Love's


Liza said...

thanks for thinking of me sis! i've done this one already ;)

Liza said...

hi yenzzz! sorry i had to disable the tagboards for now, sobrang busy ko nahihirapan ako magcatch up sa mga messages.

i was referring to your entrecard widget gusto ko din sana i-add sa mga buttons ko just like what you did to mine.

happy sunday!