Twilight !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Twilight! A love story between a human girl and a vampire. I am reading this book now and I like this book so much. I was so sympathetic with Edward Cullen, the Vampire. I like his characteristic. He is so cool, mysterious, caring, and full of attention. Don't know why but I was falling in love with him lol.

He know when the girl, Bella need him or when Bella in trouble and he always there to save and protect her. He is so romantic. I can feel how much they love each other but they trapped in a forbidden love that shouldn't be happen in their life.


Mark said...

I like this movie maybe I’m going to watch it on theater.

Rowena said...

Am crazy about the series lol!! Can't wait for the movie to hit the theaters here :)

Ivana said...

mm...havent been watched it but..will watch it soon..warmest regards from Travel Accesories blog

Mystery Shopper said...

i just saw the thriller on local TV,
i tought its a romantic movie, turned it has a bit horor "blood" in it.
think im gonna hit the cinema soon.

intel828c said...

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