Who are Zozo and Zizi ?

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's been a month I take care a baby tortoise. My boyfriend gave me. They are absolutely cute, I don't know which one is a boy and which one is a girl. I choose the active one as a boy named Zozo and the slowly one as a girl named Zizi.
I clean their cage every morning and evening, twice a day. Once a week I brush their eggshell slowly with a toothbrush using Lux liquid soap. I pay a lot of attention for them specially for Zizi cause she looks weak or sick. She cannot open her eyes well like a membrane around her eyes. She is not as active as Zozo. She also no swim at all and sleeping day and night. I hope both of them grow well. But it is fun if we have something to care about although they are a baby tortoise.