Approved By PPP

Friday, August 1, 2008

I am a new blogger. I feel glad when many people visit my blog and leave a comment and message for me. But 2 weeks ago, my friends told me to register my blog to PPP ( Pay Per Post ). So I tried to register. But unfortunately, PPP was reject my blog for some reason. I was so sad and I ask my blogging friends about how to being approved by PPP.

Some of my friends told me to correct my blog and resubmit to PPP again. I did it yesterday, correct and resubmit and today when I was checking my email, I found PPP confirmation email that my blog is being approved. First, I don't believe so I go to my PPP account and It's true but there are no available opportunities for me. Hope there are more opportunities for me later. Special thanks for PPP.


MarlyMS said...

congrats Yenzz for PPP's approval. u are now one of us who will enjoy blogging and earning :)

Carol said...

yehey! congratulations yenzz! more opps for us, hopefully.

Mariuca said...

Hey Yenzz, got ur shout out at my chatbox but it seems you're already a PPP member, congrats! Here's to making more $$$! You can also check out the other programs I have in my sidebar if you like! :)


Take a look at the first opportunity that normally is for all the members that are just aproved that is called " I signed up for PPP". And congratulations. I am sure you will like it there. But for us with kinda new blogs opportunities just come with time. :-)