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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Win 1500 EC Creadits on Detector Pro

This is a monthly contest. Every last day of each month, until the end of 2008, I’m going to send FREE 1500 EntreCard credits to lucky contest winner of each month.

Once you’ve written about this contest and included the code above, just let me know by using the email:contact@detector-pro.com, letting me know your name, your EnterCard email address and the location of your blog.

I’ll pick a winner at random and send 1500 EnterCard credits at the end of each month and I will write post about winner on this blog.

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Ukion said...

Hi Yenzz,

Thank you for entering into DetectorPro 1500 EC contest. I wish you a good luck.

Best regards,
Ukion from www.detector-pro.com

MarlyMS said...

hi yenzz, i am not yet a pro blogger :) why did u ask?
anyways, i to have a question for u..how did u insert the PPP Direct in ur blog? does PPP approved ur blog first before u placed the code? pls leave me comment of ur reply..tnx

Ukion said...

Hi Yenzz,

With your post you are entering in the next circle of DetectorPro EC contest. Wish you luck.


Anonymous said...

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